Organic farming

Our model agriculture farm has its focus on Water. This project comes under adaptation to the effects of climate change.
Water will be the next oil.
The indisputable realization comes from the fact that large swathes of the world are already struggling with water scarcity. More than the cities, it’s the rural side which experiences more water woes as water in rural is linked directly to agriculture which is connected to the quantum of food crops production and ultimately to the world’s economy. The solution of rain water harvesting has existed for centuries but perhaps the attitude is just about seeping in the face of acute water shortages.
The Highlights of the model farm are,
o Rainwater harvesting in the farm
o Water conservation methods
o Efficient use of water in Agriculture
o Lessening water needs by use of Organic farming techniques
o To avoid bore wells and depletion of ground water
Our model farm is in Virudhunagar district of Tamilnadu. This village hasn’t received any rainfall for the last 22 months. It is about 7 acres coconut farm where the water conservation related works being done for 2 acres now. A small well supports the irrigation here.