Agriculture looks interesting when we see it as an additional activity. One may be in a job or doing a profitable business or enjoying pension, then farming is attractive and viable for them. If Farming is the only livelihood, the scenario is different.

The farmer is in a position to manage the farm, cattle and his own family. He/She needs funds to manage the everyday situation. In such case, daily revenue is very crucial to the farmer.

Most of the farmers see milk production as a daily revenue choice. We suggest greens, vegetables and flowers cultivation as daily revenue choices to the farmers.

Also we encourage farmers to cultivate in small patches and see to that there is some considerable yield in the farm throughout the year. If the farmer has 2 acres land, we ask them to divide that into four portions say 50 cents each, and do cyclic cropping in all the four portions of land, thereby ensuring revenue during any part of the year.

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