SEA Movement provides a dynamic platform for individuals, communities & corporates to join hands in its initiatives.  Here are the options to join SEA Movement.

As a Member

You can join us as a Member and share the responsibility of SEA Movement Team‘s efforts.

We just expect you to be passionate about sustainable living.    ARE YOU? REGISTER HERE

As an Intern

Internship period for students is minimum three months and maximum one year. Read more to know the details of internship at SEA Movement.   REGISTER HERE

As a Volunteer:

You can join us as a volunteer and participate in the regular activities of SEA Movement. You can offer your time, effort, knowledge etc.   CAN YOU?  REGISTER HERE

As an Ambassador:

If you are leading a simple life and putting small efforts in sustainable development or setting an example to your community either in office or at home, then you suit our title as an Ambassador.   ARE YOU? REGISTER HERE

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