Value addition is inevitable to reach markets. In this express world, consumers look out for ready to cook, ready to eat, semi-cooked items in the market. Though the farmers organically produce safe and nutritive food, it has to be in a shape that consumers like it.

Say from millets, we can produce the below ready to cook items.

  1. Millet rava
  2. Millet dosa mix
  3. Millet porridge mix
  4. Millet pongal mix

And when there is surplus produce in the farm, we cannot sell everything as raw.  For example, if we have surplus coconut, we can sell it in many different forms.

  1. Tender coconut
  2. Cold pressed Coconut oil
  3. Virgin Coconut oil
  4. Dried coconut
  5. Powdered coconut shell
  6. Coconut sugar
  7. Dried grated coconut
  8. Coconut husk

We guide farmers to do value addition so that they get better price for their produce.

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