SEA Movement, an introduction:

SEA Movement was founded by friends who are passionate about preserving Mother Nature. Registered as a non-profit trust in Chennai during October 2008, we have been working continuously on developing sustainable solutions.

Initially we have participated in Community based environmental development program (CBED) under Chennai metropolitan development authority (CMDA). It is about making the community understand the stake they have in the local environmental assets like Pond, Park, Trees and Water systems. The Program includes Pond renovation, Park development, Burial ground development, Construction of Storm water drain and Tree planting. We were involved in engaging the community in the process and documenting the project which was implemented in the sub urban panchayats of Chennai such as Pallikarani, Madambakkam, Mangadu, Perungalathur, Chitlapakkam and many other Town and special village Panchayats.

With that exposure of the status of urban environment, urban inhabitants and their priorities, we started looking at solutions which work on the real cause instead of the effects it creates. We could see that Urbanisation and Globalisation are the major cause for the problems we face today. In India, more than 50% of population lives in urban areas and it leads to lot of chaos in urban environment. These urban areas create ‘urban heat island effect’ which worsens the effects of climate change in coastal urban cities. Urban rural balance is not in place. To settle that, we should focus on Agriculture based livelihoods in the rural areas.

We should increase the chances for a farmer and his family to stay back in the village doing agriculture and its allied functions. More social enterprises should be developed in rural areas giving employment opportunities to the rural youth. These social enterprises should focus on industries such as water, food, environment and sustainable development. These areas need skilled workers as well as enterprises to cater the rising demand as we have spoiled the entire basic environmental infrastructure which were surplus earlier.

This is our approach now! Developing social enterprises, making the community ready to adapt the effects of climate change both in urban and rural areas, mitigating the emissions are the top priority. As we can see the gap between rich and poor is rapidly increasing, through social enterprises, we can stabilise social justice among the community.

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