Students Internship Opportunities

SEA MOVEMENT invites Interns to participate in their projects and activities where the interns could involve themselves in Planning solutions and design development, Research, Field Surveys, Applying Technology in building social networks, Community orientation, Dissemination of knowledge, Venture Finance and Business Development to spawn grass-root level developmental works through social entrepreneurship model. 

The internships are crafted in such a way that one can choose to work on a specific area of choice and take the project through completion during the internship period itself.

Areas of work: Water, Food, Environment, Energy, Health and Value Education.

Current openings

The internships are across a wide variety of disciplines. Also each project would be comprised of multi-disciplinary team members.

Internship titles open for year 2023-24 are given below: 

  • Water conservation   
  • Urban Environment Management
  • Sustainable Development       
  • Village-centric growth     
  • Food Forest, Organic farming                                 
  • Renewable Energy                                  
  • Social entrepreneurship                                     
  • Branding, Franchising 
  • Commune Development                                      
  • Resource mobilisation
  • Social media for Climate literacy                                                           
  • Green Skills development
  • NGO Management

Students who interested in any of the above areas may please write to Please mention ‘intern’ in the subject line of the email.

Details needed for absorbing students as interns at SEA MOVEMENT:

  1. Intern should get a permission letter from the department head or a teaching staff to undertake the internship with us. 
  2. A Photocopy of College / School Id-card. 
  3. Personal and Communication details.  (Photocopy of Any Govt. ID Proofs)
  4. Details of Interests / Passion / Career options. (A Brief Introduction about the Student)

SEA Movement shall try to provide them opportunities around the interns’ home town or the institution they belong. However, interns would be entitled for work expenditure if sent for outstation project related work. No other remuneration is considerable. 


Intern Name: Monika Mardi

Institution: Dept. of Management studies, IIT Delhi

Feedback: During the work, apart from what SEA movement does, I got to know about the environmental and climatic challenges our planet is facing which is affecting our livelihood, vegetation, sea level, temperature and many things. I realized it's time to act now or never and contribute little towards the sustainable development.


Intern Name: Udit Anubhav Kisku

Institution: Dept. of Management studies, IIT Delhi

Feedback: There had been lots of learning on the work at SEA movement both on technical as well as in the intellectual level. On the technical scale I got to learn a whole lot of new method and the correct path and source to research as well as extract data from. I learnt various things such as, how to deliver data on numerous source of resources that are both monetary as well as those that provide physical aid, how and where to data mine, for various types of network building as well as find sources of various sector and fields that are majorly concerning the SEA movement. However, on the intellectual level I have learnt greatly as it has given a whole lot of new experience that ranges from leadership skill to team management, critical thinking and time management. Moreover, I have experienced an eye opener to how the climate changes, resource depletion, the impact that the lives on cities and communities had till now. Thus, I would conclude by saying that the learning at SEA movement had truly had been the source of acquiring new technical skills and knowledge of a whole different field that we as a human being have very much avoided despite it being always in front of us.


Intern Name: Ayush Jaiswal

Institution: Dept. of Management studies, IIT Delhi

Feedback: I have learned in great detail about the various problems our planet Earth is currently facing. How human activity is harming our planet. And how can you make people aware that they are playing their part? I was in charge of social media handles working to raise people's awareness of issues such as climate change, plastic pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, and plastic pollution through low carbon lifestyles, sustainable development and planting. I was in charge of how we can make a difference and change by eliminating it. We should accept organic foods, stop use of plastics, use water efficiently, also we should adopt things that cause less pollution, and etc.


Intern Name: Swati

Institution: Dept. of Management studies, IIT Delhi

Feedback: During this work with SEA movement, I learnt:
1. Contributions of NGOs in research and their ability to have positive impact on the society by understanding the gravity of various issues faced by the government and society.
2. During this work, I learnt about three topics predominantly- Waste segregation, Community Nursery and Education regarding Sustainable development. I read the research done on this issues and understood the impact these projects can create on society.
3. I learnt how to make short proposals.